Colon Care SCC15: Way To A Healthy Colon

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SUPERLIFE COLON CARE (“SCC15”) ingredient nutrients provide the necessary dietary support for the system, it provide healthy functioning of the colon, including normal expulsion of waste materials, encouraging the growth of friendly and healthy bacteria, and proper digestive function.

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Superlife Colon Care SCC15
Your Current Item: Colon Care SCC15: Way To A Healthy Colon
Original price was: $35.98.Current price is: $32.98.
Original price was: $35.98.Current price is: $32.98.
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Superlife Colon Care SCC15

Superlife Colon Care Scc15, Colon is otherwise known as the large intestine. It is a large tube-like structure that connects to the small intestine.  It is called the large intestine for a good reason – It effectively handles the end process of digestion and waste removal.

People fail to realize that the condition of your colon and your digestive system as a whole can either enhance the functionality of the immune system or compromise it, thus leading to diseases and illnesses. Superlife Colon care is very essential for your colon to be cleaned regularly and ensure is in perfect health condition I

Health Benefits of Superlife Colon Care SCC15

  • Weight management support
  • Prevention of Colon Cancer
  • Cleansing and Detoxification of Colon
  • Strengthening of Colon Lining for a Healthy Colon
  • Balancing the Colon’s digestive system

How To Use

  • 15 sachets per pack.
  • Mix 1 sachet of SCC15 in a 200ml glass of plain water, stir, and consume immediately.
  • 1 Sachet daily.
  • We recommend using 3 to 4 sachets  for optimum results


  • Don’t exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Store in a cool place at room temperature.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • No side effects.

Key Ingredients

Sinetrol, Fibersol-2, Chlorophyll, Amla extract, Beetroot powder, Aloe vera powder, Astaxanthin, Grape seed powder, Milk thistle, Psyllium husk powder.

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Superlife is a trusted supplement company, committed to enhancing lives through cutting-edge health solutions. With their revolutionary products, infused with nature's goodness, they empower individuals to achieve optimal well-being, supporting vitality, and unlocking the potential for a supercharged life.


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Colon Care SCC15: Way To A Healthy Colon Colon Care SCC15: Way To A Healthy Colon
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