Gynapharm Capsule: Combat PID and Regain Your Well-Being


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Kedi Gynapharm Capsules are a female health solution for ailments such as pelvic inflammation and more.

  • Female Health Solution
  • Effective for the treatment of
  • Inflammation of ovaries
  • Inflammation of uterine tracts and appendages of the womb
  • Inflammation of endometrium
  • Pelvic Inflammatory disease (PID)

Quantity: 72 capsules per bottle

Recommendation: We recommend taking this product for 2 to 3 months for a complete treatment.

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Kedi Gynapharm Capsule |
Your Current Item: Gynapharm Capsule: Combat PID and Regain Your Well-Being
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Kedi Gynapharm Capsule For Female Overall Health

Kedi Gynapharm Capsules is a female health solution for ailments such as pelvic inflammation and more. These capsules are a natural, herbal remedy that is made from organic ingredients. The ingredients are mixed in a lab before they are combined with extracts to create the final capsule.

Women with pelvic inflammation or infertility have one of the most uncomfortable and difficult journeys. The discomfort can cause constant lower abdominal pain or an unusual or heavy vaginal discharge amongst other symptoms. These are all issues that can be treated by Kedi Gynapharm Capsule.

PID is an extremely painful condition that affects the reproductive organs of women. Women who need to treat PID usually resort to taking antibiotics, but this is the wrong treatment for this condition. However, Kedi Gynapharm Capsule is a 100% natural herbal supplement that can help women combat PID and get their life back on track without any of the side effects.

Kedi Gynapharm Capsule |

Health Benefit of Kedi Gynapharm Capsule

  1. Effective for clearing heat and detoxification, tonifying spleen and dehumidification, dredging collateral, and activating blood circulation.

  2. Used for the treatment of adnexitis, endometritis, and pelvic inflammation with a downward flow of damp heat.

  3. Treats inflammatory disease (PID) and all its symptoms.

  4. Help women combat PID and get their life back on track.

Dosage and How To Use Kedi Gynapharm Capsule

  • Take four capsules at a time, three times daily

Precautions and Side Effects

  • Avoid spicy food like curries, raw or cold food like salads, and greasy food like pies when taking Gynapharm Capsule.

  • Patients who are also suffering from other illnesses should consult a physician before consuming this supplement.

  • Gynapharm is not suitable for women who have clear morbid leucorrhea. Women with reddish leukorrhagia should go to the hospital for treatment

  • If symptoms persist after two weeks, patients should go to the hospital for treatment

  • People who are allergic to this supplement should avoid it and people with an allergic constitution may need to use it with care.

  • Store in a cool dry place.

Key Ingredient

Rosa Laevigata 72mg, Caulis Spatholobi 60mg, Donkey-hide glue 120mg, Philippine Flemingia Root 60mg, Chinese Mahonia Stem 40mg, Radix Zanthoxyli 24mg, Andrographis 24mg


  • Contains 72 capsules per bottle.

Suitable For

  • (Adults) Women.

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