How to Lose Weight Drinking Water

Our markets these days are flooded with so many diet pills, weight loss programs, and slimming teas. They all promise to give you the body you want in a short period of time, to help you lose weight. But we all know that most of these diet program and pills is not really safe for some of us. One method that I do to keep myself from gaining too much weight is water therapy.

The body is a system, and to function at its most efficient level you need all of your organs working together in harmony. Dehydration can slow down 50% or more functions just by itself! The thyroid gland holds special significance for weight regulation because it produces hormones that control how much fat tissue becomes available for use as fuel – so if dehydration affects this important organ then Expect bad things to happen fast.

And since the brain is 80% water, dehydration affects appetite regulating functions, as well. This means drinking 4oz (1/2 glass) of water every hour is essential for preventing weight gain.


Water as Fat Burner

Doctors and nutritionists have long recommended a daily dose of eight glasses of water to flush out the system, but some studies suggest that it can actually help burn off pounds and lose weight. Water is calorie-less, but it still has weight. Carrying around that extra weight makes the bodywork harder. Experts suggest that just drinking 12 – 16 glasses of water a day can make you lose 2-3 pounds per year.

Try this safe and proven method to make you lose 1- 3 pounds a week

Start the day with 8 oz of hot lemon water.

Prepare an 8 oz boiled water and cool it for several minutes or until it is already of the right temperature for you to drink. When you are ready to drink it squeeze the juice of half lemon, plus 1 tsp. of freshly grated lemon rind into the boiled water. Lemon water is a liver cleanser and it is excellent in stimulating peristalsis-intestinal contractions that speed the elimination of toxins/waste from our body.

Lemon Water

Alternate Drinking of hot and cold water throughout the day.

Alternating hot and cold water throughout the day acts as a form of internal hydrotherapy that cleanses the body. Hot water helps the intestines flush toxins all day, while cold water can help the body burn calories. To do this, an hour after drinking 8 oz of hot lemon water, drink 8 oz of ice-cold water. Do this cycle twice (during non-meal times).

Drink lukewarm water before eating.

Water is best absorbed when it is at room temperature (lukewarm). When you drink 8 oz (10 oz to 12 oz if you weigh more than 120 lbs) of lukewarm water 10 minutes before you eat you will quickly feel full, because lukewarm water is easily absorbed by the stomach lining, therefore with just a little food you will immediately feel full.

This method can make you consume fewer calories per meal, enough for you to lose 1-2 lbs per week. To make the strategy more effective, drink the water all at once, this will make your stomach lining stretch rapidly, and send a signal to the brain’s nerve to shut down food cravings right away.

Another way to stay hydrated and lose weight

Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, they usually contain 85% water, so just 3 cups of them daily will provide up to 20 oz. of fluid. Another good thing is fruit and vegetables are rich in detoxifying nutrients that speed the breakdown of fat-storing toxins in the liver, triggering a one-to-two pound weekly weight loss.

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