Natural Herbs To Increase Your Chance of Having Twins

The Followings are World popular Natural Herbal you can take to help you increase your Chance of having twins.

  1. EVENING PRIMROSE OIL Primrose oil is famous for its fertility boosting property from centuries.
    It helps in promoting healthy production of the cervical mucus that flows in the reproductive tract. Healthy mucus allows the sperm to survive for longer days within the ovary and makes the journey of the sperm to the egg easier. It is always advisable to take evening primrose oil during the time of menstruation and up to ovulation.
  2. FLAXSEED OIL Flaxseed oil possesses a great ability to boost fertility in women and increase your chances of conceiving twins naturally.It regulates the hormonal production and maintains a regular menstrual cycle.
    It is a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids, which helps in creation of a stable environment for initial conception.
  3. DONG QUAI The herb is popular for its numerous medicinal effects including purification of blood, promotes better blood circulation, balances hormone levels, improves fertility issues and menopausal problems.
  4. SWEET CASSAVA Sweet Cassava is considered amongst the effective herbal supplements to improve female fertility. It increases your chances or conceiving twins naturally. It contains powerful phytoestrogens that help in regulation of the female hormones.
  5. MACA ROOT This root serves as an adaptogen and promotes healthy reproductive functioning in the female body.
    It regulates the hormonal levels and promotes the production of healthy progesterone during the luteal phase.


  • Swissgarde Rev up contains Maca root
  • 40 plus for women contains Dong quai
  • Omega plus contains both Evening Primrose Oil (omega 6) & Omega 3 (fish oil).
  • Super Cider (creates an alkaline environment)
  • Night Time Tea (contains Rooibus & Lavender). Want to have Twin Boys? Add this Y- chromosome boosters;


Good luck to you my friend!!

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