Vitality Softgels Capsules: For Natural Defence Mechanism

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Vitality softgels Wei Kang is specially designed for people who want their skin complexion and hair to look their healthiest. Aside from this, vitality softgel promotes sexual functions, makes the heart tolerate anoxia, works as an anti-oxidant against free radicals, and so boosts the immune system and improves the overall body condition, thus can reverse menopause and retard Senile dementia.

Vitality Softgels
Your Current Item: Vitality Softgels Capsules: For Natural Defence Mechanism
Original price was: $34.59.Current price is: $28.59.
Original price was: $34.59.Current price is: $28.59.
GHT Healthcare Longzit Capsule
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Tiens Vitality Softgels: Defend Body Against Free Radicals

Vitality Softgels Capsules are made from Wheat plumule oil sourced from seabuckthorn seed. This seabuckthorn serves as a natural source of vitamins E, C. fatty acids, Omega 3, and calcium, all of which have major health benefits for the body.

Health Benefits of Tiens Vitality Softgels Capsules

  • Fights free radicals
  • Hels you maintain smooth and healthy skin
  • Strengthens the bones
  • Serves as an antioxidant and immune booster
  • Balances your digestive system
  • It serves as an anti-fatigue agent, especially for older individuals.
  • It prevents stroke and heart problems
  • Ensure the proper circulation of the blood
  • It protects cells from oxidative stress
  • It protects the liver

Recommended Dosage

  • Contains 30 capsules per bottle.
  • Children (5-10 years): 1 capsule twice a week
  • Children (10-14 years): 1 capsule every other day
  • Adults: 1-2 capsules, 1-2 times daily

Key Ingredients

Lecithin and B-Carotene, Wheat plumule oil (from seabackthorn seed).

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Tiens is a trusted supplement company, dedicated to enriching lives through natural health solutions. With a global presence and decades of expertise, they offer a diverse range of premium-quality products. Tiens' commitment to holistic wellness empowers individuals to lead healthier, happier, and more fulfilling lives.


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Vitality Softgels Capsules: For Natural Defence Mechanism Vitality Softgels Capsules: For Natural Defence Mechanism
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