Very Berry: Your Daily Dose of Antioxidants

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Elevate your well-being with Very Berry. It is enriched with Elderberry extract and pure fruit juice powder. Packed with potent antioxidants from Blackcurrant, Aroniaberry, and Cranberry, this blend offers a delicious way to boost immunity, fight off diseases, and support heart health. Try now!

Very Berry
Your Current Item: Very Berry: Your Daily Dose of Antioxidants
Original price was: $24.39.Current price is: $19.39.
Original price was: $24.39.Current price is: $19.39.
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Edmark Very Berry: Powerful Drink for Overall Wellbeing

Introducing Very Berry, your ultimate defense against illnesses and a natural way to boost your overall health. Crafted with precision and care, this Instant Berry Powdered Drink is not just another beverage; it’s a powerhouse of goodness packed with Elderberry extract and pure fruit juice powder. Say goodbye to artificial flavors and hello to the real fruity taste that your taste buds will thank you for!

Benefits of Very Berry Drink

  • Loaded with antioxidants, Very Berry helps in the fight against cancer-causing agents, keeping you protected.
  • Strengthen your body’s natural defense against infections and diseases, ensuring you stay healthy year-round.
  • Take proactive steps towards preventing diabetes and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.
  • Say hello to youthful radiance with Very Berry’s anti-aging properties, rejuvenating your skin and body.
  • Nourish your heart with the goodness of Very Berry, promoting cardiovascular well-being.
  • Combat iron deficiency and keep your energy levels up with this iron-rich formulation.
  • Maintain optimal blood pressure levels for a healthier, happier you.
  • Enjoy a delicious and refreshing weight management alternative, supporting your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

How To Use Very Berry

  • It contains 20 sachets.
  • Pour the contents of 1 sachet of Very Berry into an empty cup
  • Add 150 ml of cold water
  • Stir well and drink

Precaution/Side Effect

  • Don’t exceed the recommended dosage.
  •  Store in a cool place at room temperature.
  •  Keep out of reach of children.
  •  No side effects.

Active Ingredients

Elderberry, elderberry wine, Black-currant, Aronia berry, and Cranberry bladder health are rich in Phytonutrients, which may help fight against the formation of kidney stones.


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Edmark Products offers premium supplements for health and wellness, promoting natural vitality and overall well-being with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction."
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Very Berry: Your Daily Dose of Antioxidants Very Berry: Your Daily Dose of Antioxidants
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