Uterus Cleansing Pill: Reclaim Your Feminine Vitality

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Transform your vaginal and uterine health with our Uterus Cleansing Pill. Say goodbye to discomfort and odors while restoring balance and vitality. Perfect for those seeking relief from gynecological issues like abnormal discharge, menstrual irregularities, and more. Get yours today!

Uterus Cleansing Pill
Your Current Item: Uterus Cleansing Pill: Reclaim Your Feminine Vitality
Original price was: $31.00.Current price is: $26.97.
Original price was: $31.00.Current price is: $26.97.
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Green World Uterus Cleansing Pill

Introducing our revolutionary Uterus Cleansing Pill, a natural solution designed to restore and rejuvenate your vaginal and uterine health. Our unique four-step process targets the root causes of various gynecological issues, providing relief and promoting overall well-being.

What Uterus Pill is For?

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge (Leucorrhea) and itching
  • Irregular menstruation and menstrual pain
  • Endometritis, cervical erosion, and annex inflammation
  • Vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and yeast infections
  • Ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids
  • Melasma, dark spots, and other skin-related concerns
  • Improve their sexual health and overall quality of life

How to Take Uterine Cleansing Pill

  1. It contains 6 pills per box
  2. Begin by washing your hands thoroughly.
  3. Then, remove the packaging and carefully untangle the cotton threads of the product.
  4. Gently straighten the cotton thread and immerse it in pure water or cold boiled water for approximately 5 minutes.
  5. Find a comfortable position, preferably kneeling on your chest. Insert the pearl deeply into the body using your middle finger while leaving the thread outside.
  6. If positioned correctly, you should not feel the presence of the pearls.
  7. Allow the pearls to remain inside the body for 48-72 hours (2-3 days), ensuring the longer thread remains outside.
  8. During this time, pads are recommended to allow the body to expel toxins within the next 24-48 hours.
  9. For a thorough cleansing, it is advised to use three detox tampons consecutively over a period of approximately 9 days.
  10. Insert the first tampon and remove it on the 3rd day. Then, 24 hours later, insert the next tampon.
  11. It is important to note that this product has no known side effects.
  12.  To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to use 12 to 15 detox pearls or cleansing pills, which are approximately equivalent to 5 boxes.


  1. Refrain from using the pill 7 days prior to menstruation, and wait for a minimum of 3 days after menstruation before resuming its use.
  2. Discontinue use if you experience hypersensitivity or an allergic reaction to the pill.
  3. Some individuals may experience slight itchiness, as individual responses may vary.
  4. To address fibroids, endometriosis, and body inflammation, it is recommended to use 12 to 15 detox pearls or cleansing pills, which is equivalent to approximately 5 boxes.
  5. Do not ingest the detox pearls. They are not meant to be consumed orally.
  6. During the treatment period, it is advisable to avoid sexual intercourse. If you wish to engage in sexual activity, remove the detox pearls, thoroughly cleanse your body, and wait for 24 hours before engaging in sexual intercourse.
  7. Without acute or chronic gynecological diseases, use 2 cleansing pill detox pearls per month for preventive purposes.
  8. This pill can be used immediately after sexual intercourse.
  9. Uterus cleansing pill detox pearls can be used while traveling to prevent potential bacterial infections.
  10. They can also be used after swimming in a pool.

Side Effects

  1. This product is known to have no adverse side effects.

Key Ingredients

Cnidium, borneol, sophora, safflower, locust, motherwort, and other Chinese herbal medicines such as Fructus Cnidii, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Rhizoma Smilacis Chinae, Herba Leonuri,  Radix Angelicae Sinensis, BorneolRadix Stemonae.

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Green World

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Uterus Cleansing Pill: Reclaim Your Feminine Vitality Uterus Cleansing Pill: Reclaim Your Feminine Vitality
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