Kasly C-Relieve Granules: Boost Lung Health and Immunity

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Conquer coughs, phlegm, and low immunity with Kasly C-Relieve Granules! This herbal formula, free of harsh chemicals, soothes coughs, strengthens lungs, and boosts immunity naturally. Experience the power of nature’s healing touch! Start breathing easy again! Try Kasly C-Relieve Granules today.

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Tasly C-Relieve Granules
Your Current Item: Kasly C-Relieve Granules: Boost Lung Health and Immunity
Original price was: $43.00.Current price is: $35.99.
Original price was: $43.00.Current price is: $35.99.
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Tasly Kasly C-Relieve Granules: Conquer Coughs and Boost Immunity

Struggling with a persistent cough, phlegm build-up, or worries about lung health? Tasly Kasly C-Relieve Granules are here to be your knight in shining armor! This potent herbal blend delivers a triple-action punch to support your respiratory system, enhance immunity, and promote overall well-being.

Kasly C-Relieve Granules are proudly formulated with meticulously chosen natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and artificial additives.

Choose Kasly C-Relieve Granules and experience the powerful synergy of nature’s healing touch. Take control of your respiratory health and embrace a life of deep breaths and vibrant well-being!

Health Benefits of Kasly C-Relieve Granules

  • It enhances Lung Function
  • It strengthens Immunity
  • It provides natural relief from bronchitis
  • It soothes cough and phlegm
  • It is antiseptic & anti-inflammatory
  • It is a natural immune booster

Dosage: How to use C-Relieve Granules

  • 12 bags per customer pack.
  • Infuse the C-Relieve Granules capsule with warm water for oral taking,
  • Children within 2 years of age take 1g once,
  • Also, children between ages 3 and 4 should take 1.5g once,
  • Additionally,  children between ages 5-7 should take 2g once
  • Take  3-4 times daily.
  • Keep away from all cold food and drink while taking the product.
  • Don’t exceed the recommended dosage.
  • Store in a cool place at room temperature.
  •  Keep out of reach of children.
  •  No side effects.
Key Ingredients

Ephedra Herba, Lonicerae Flos, Arneniacare Semen Amarum, Isatidis Radix, Gypsum Fibrosum, Glycyrrhizae Radix et Rhizona, Trichosanthis Fructus, Excipients: Sucrose and Dextrin.


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Tasly-Kasly Health TCM

Tasly-Kasly Health TCM is a renowned supplement company, rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and modern scientific advancements. Their meticulously crafted products blend ancient wisdom with innovation to promote overall health and wellness. With a strong commitment to quality and efficacy, Tasly-Kasly Health TCM empowers individuals to embrace a natural path to vitality.


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Kasly C-Relieve Granules: Boost Lung Health and Immunity Kasly C-Relieve Granules: Boost Lung Health and Immunity
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