Magnesium Complex Tablets: Support Muscles and Bones

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Elevate your wellness with NeoLife’s Magnesium Complex Tablets. Packed with 300 mg of premium magnesium sourced from natural ingredients, our vegan-friendly supplement supports energy, cardiovascular health, and muscle function. Release your potential for holistic well-being today.

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Neolife Magnesium Complex Tablets
Your Current Item: Magnesium Complex Tablets: Support Muscles and Bones
Original price was: $21.33.Current price is: $18.33.
Original price was: $21.33.Current price is: $18.33.
Green World Garlic Oil Softgel
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Neolife Magnesium Complex Tablets: Power Up Your Health

Discover the power of optimal health with NeoLife’s Magnesium Complex Tablets, your essential companion for maintaining vitality and well-being. Our Magnesium Complex delivers 300 mg of magnesium per serving, supporting 700+ vital body reactions for peak performance.

Magnesium is the unsung hero of body function, playing a crucial role in muscle and nervous system function, protein synthesis, and energy metabolism. NeoLife’s meticulously crafted blend combines the potency of three premium magnesium sources: double amino acid chelated magnesium, tri-magnesium citrate, and magnesium oxide. This Tri-Mag Blend ensures maximum absorption and effectiveness, precisely supporting your body’s diverse needs.

But we didn’t stop there. Our exclusive PhytoMag Blend enriches your supplement experience with the wholesome goodness of beet, kale, broccoli, and radish. Packed with natural phytonutrients, these whole foods elevate your health journey, providing antioxidant support and additional sources of magnesium straight from nature’s bounty.

Benefits of Neolife Magnesium Complex Tablets

  • Boost overall energy and stamina
  • Support cardiovascular health and normal blood pressure
  • Promote healthy muscle contraction and relaxation
  • Support strong bones and teeth
  • Boost the immune system
  • Enhance neurological, muscular, cardiovascular, skeletal, and metabolic function.


  • Each bottle contains 60 tablets.
  • Adults are advised to take 1 to 2 tablets daily as part of their daily regimen for optimal results.


  • Before starting a magnesium supplement, consult your healthcare provider if you have allergies or underlying medical conditions.
  • Ensure you adhere to the recommended daily dose, and store the product in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep it out of reach of children under 3 years of age.
  • Remember that food supplements should complement, not replace, a balanced diet.

Active Ingredients

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Magnesium Complex Tablets: Support Muscles and Bones Magnesium Complex Tablets: Support Muscles and Bones
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