Diawell Capsule: Combat Diabetes Naturally


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Kedi Diawell Capsule is your potent herbal remedy that supplements Qi, nurtures Yin, and effectively addresses diabetes symptoms such as polydipsia, polyphagia, diuresis, emaciation, shortness of breath, and loss of energy. This natural solution is specifically formulated for type-2 diabetes, offering relief and promoting overall well-being. Order now for a holistic approach to diabetes management.

Kedi Diawell Capsule
Your Current Item: Diawell Capsule: Combat Diabetes Naturally
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Kedi Diawell Capsule: Holistic Diabetes Care

Enjoy a healthier, more vibrant life with Kedi Diawell Capsule, a breakthrough in natural healthcare designed to address the challenges posed by Diabetes Type 2, Chronic Atrophic Gastritis, and Blood Sugar imbalances. Our advanced formula combines time-tested herbal ingredients to promote overall well-being and support your body in maintaining optimal blood sugar levels.

We harness the power of nature with a unique blend of herbal extracts known for their efficacy in promoting overall health. Manufactured under stringent quality standards, our capsule is free from harmful additives and provides a safe, natural alternative to traditional treatments.

Health Benefit Of Kedi Diawell Capsule

  1. Combats inflammation caused by H. pylori infection, promoting a healthy stomach lining.
  2. Diawell Capsule assists in maintaining a balanced immune response, preventing mistaken attacks on stomach lining cells.
  3. Helps produce saliva and slake thirst, and clears away heat, and purges pathogenic fire.
  4. Regulates blood sugar levels effectively.
  5. Nourishes Yin and Qi for balance.
  6. Eases symptoms of polydipsia and diuresis.
  7. Enhances energy levels and vitality.
  8. Supports Type I and Type II diabetes.

Dosage: How To Use Kedi Diawell Capsule

  • Each bottle contains 40 capsules.
  • Each capsule is 0.35grams of ingredients.
  • Take four capsules at a time with warm water before meals, three times daily.
  • It is recommended you use at least 3-4 bottles for a lasting result.
  • Not suitable for Patients who have Type-1 and Type-2 diabetes accompanied by ketoacidosis, coma, serious burn, infection, severe trauma or major surgery.
  • Patients with hepatic insufficiency, renal insufficiency, sulfonamides hypersensitivity or leukopenia should not use the medicine.
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not take this medicine.
  • Taking it simultaneously with other drugs may cause drug interaction. Consult a physician or pharmacist for details or visit the nearest hospital for advice.

Western Ginseng 87.5mg, Astragalus Membranaceus 42mg, Chinese Yam 24.5mg, Radix Rehmanniae 31.5mg, Fructus Corni 21mg, Chinese Wolfberry 21mg, Radix Ophiopogonis 42mg, Rhizoma Anemarrhenae 35mg, Radix Trichosanthis 10.5mg, Salivia Chinensis 17.5mg, Radix Puerariae 17.5mg.


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