Health Pad (Male) Big: Banish Erectile Woes


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Norland Health Pad (Male) Big is a groundbreaking men’s health supplement that addresses various concerns. From conquering impotence and enhancing erectile function to combating prostate cancer, promoting muscle growth, and defying ageing, this comprehensive formula is your ultimate ally in pursuing optimal health.

Norland Health Pad
Your Current Item: Health Pad (Male) Big: Banish Erectile Woes
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Norland Health Pad (Male) Big: Reclaim Your Vitality

Introducing our revolutionary all-in-one solution for men’s health – Norland Health Pad (Male). Packed with potent ingredients, this groundbreaking formula addresses many concerns, ensuring a comprehensive approach to men’s well-being.

Say goodbye to impotence and welcome enhanced virility with Norland Health Pad. This unique product is meticulously crafted to tackle erectile dysfunction and quick ejaculation, providing a natural and effective remedy for those seeking improved sexual performance.

But that’s not all – Norland Health Pad goes beyond the bedroom, offering a holistic approach to men’s health. Scientifically formulated to help treat prostate cancer, this supplement is a powerful ally in the fight against this prevalent condition. Its proactive properties don’t stop there; it’s also geared towards promoting muscle growth, making it an ideal choice for those who want to enhance their physique.

Health Benefits of Norland Health Pad (Male)

  • Eliminates toxins and boosts libido
  • Enhances erection and fights Prostate cancer
  • Boosts sperm count and stamina
  • Addresses reproductive and urinary system Issues

How to Use Norland Health Pad

  • 14 Pieces per Pack
  • Remove the pad from its pack and position it at the crouch of the underwear.
  • When wearing your underwear with the pad affixed, ensure the scrotum rests on the pad.
  • Use 1 pad for about 4 to 6 hours. Dispose of after 1 use.


  • It is for men’s use only.
Key Ingredient

100% cotton, functional chip, absorbent paper, breathable film.


Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 20 cm


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