Gynocare Capsule: For Optimal Female Reproductive Health


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Gynocare Capsule is a remarkable product meticulously crafted to nurture and safeguard women’s health with unwavering dedication.

  • Balances The Female Hormones
  • Boosts Ovulation
  • Prevents and Shrinks Fibroids
  • Manages Irregular Menstruation

Quantity: Contains 60 Capsules

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Milnapath Gynocare Capsule
Your Current Item: Gynocare Capsule: For Optimal Female Reproductive Health
FH PRO for Women

Milnapath Gynocare Capsule

Milnapath Gynocare Capsule: Natural Support for Women’s Health. Formulated with Ayurvedic Herbs to Address Common Gynecological Concerns

  • Natural Support: Gynocare Capsule is a polyherbal (made from multiple herbs) formula that utilizes the power of traditional Ayurveda to support women’s health.
  • Key Ingredients: Ashoka, Lodhra, and Shatavari work synergistically to address concerns like irregular menstrual cycles, excessive discharge, mood swings, and painful periods.
  • Additional Benefits: help with leucorrhea, hormonal imbalances, and general reproductive health.
  • Safe and Effective: Made with natural ingredients and free from artificial additives.
  • Convenient: Easy-to-take capsule form.


This information is for educational purposes only and should not be interpreted as medical advice. Always consult with a licensed healthcare professional before starting any new supplement or treatment plan.

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Milnapath: From Nature's Potency to Global Prosperity

Milnapath isn't just a company; it's a movement empowering health and wealth through organic solutions. We're an indigenous Nigerian brand, harnessing the power of potent herbal remedies to tackle health challenges and fuel economic growth, not just in Nigeria, but across Africa.

Climate change and new ailments leave modern medicine scrambling, but ancient wisdom holds the answer. Our dedicated team, steeped in herbal research, has developed the Milnapath line, a potent arsenal against challenging health conditions.



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