Vigor Max Softgel: Rediscover Confidence and Intimacy

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Vigor Max Softgel is a cutting-edge male vitality supplement meticulously formulated with high-quality ingredients to enhance overall health, energy, and performance. Tailored to combat impotence and treat erectile dysfunction effectively, it offers a unique blend of all-natural herbs for a boost in sexual stamina and prolonged satisfaction. Buy now!

GHT HealthCare Vigor Max Softgel
Your Current Item: Vigor Max Softgel: Rediscover Confidence and Intimacy
Original price was: $27.00.Current price is: $25.90.
Original price was: $27.00.Current price is: $25.90.
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GHT Health Care Vigor Max Softgel

GHT Vigor Max Softgel is the pinnacle of male vitality enhancement and a revolutionary solution to address intimacy concerns. Crafted with precision and dedication, this softgel is a potent blend of high-quality ingredients meticulously selected to support men’s health, energy, and performance.

Vigor Max goes beyond enhancing physical prowess; it’s a holistic health supplement designed to help men maintain a robust mental and sexual life. The carefully curated blend of exciting herbs and amino acids ensures outstanding results, addressing the challenges of the modern lifestyle’s mental and physical stress.

Our dietary supplement boasts five key elements that work synergistically to deliver maximum benefits. In an era where chronic stress is pervasive, Vigor Max Softgel provides a vital shield, mitigating the toll it takes on your overall well-being.

Benefits Of Vigor Max

  • Boost sperm count.
  • Improves sperm vitality.
  • Support vitality and vigor.
  • Reduces the inflammation of the prostate.
  • Addresses Male infertility.
  • Improves memory.

Dosage: Hot To Use Vigor Max

  • Each bottle contains 30 softgels.
  • Each soft gel capsule contains 500 milligrams (mg) of the active ingredient or substance.
  • Take 2 capsules each time, 2 times daily.
  • 2 Bottles = A MONTH’s Dosage
  • 4 Bottles = 2 MONTHS Dosage
  • 6 Bottles = 3 MONTHS Dosage
  • 8 Bottles = 4 MONTHS Dosage
  • 10 Bottles = 5 MONTHS Dosage (For Permanent Treatment)
  • Take at least 12-15 bottles for treatment to obtain optimum lasting results.


  • Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Keep away from children.
  • No side effects.

Key Ingredients

Epimedium extract, Cordyceps militaries, Broccoli sprouts, Extract of onion, Vaccinium angustifolium

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GHT Health Care

GHT Health Care: A trusted supplement company dedicated to promoting health and wellness with high-quality products designed to enhance overall vitality and well-being.
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Vigor Max Softgel: Rediscover Confidence and Intimacy Vigor Max Softgel: Rediscover Confidence and Intimacy
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