Faforon and Spidex 20: The Ultimate Women’s Health Duo


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Discover unparalleled relief for fibroid-related issues, hormonal imbalances, and premenopause challenges with Faforon and Spidex 20 – a powerhouse combination designed for women’s reproductive well-being. This scientifically crafted duo uniquely targets the liver, addressing the root causes of hormonal imbalances and toxin-related issues. Experience effective fibroid relief, hormonal balance, toxin regulation, and premenopause support in one comprehensive solution.

Faforon and Spidex 20
Your Current Item: Faforon and Spidex 20: The Ultimate Women's Health Duo
Tasly Femate Capsule

Fafor Life Faforon and Spidex 20: Address Fertility, Hormones and More

Are you tired of battling with fibroids and related hormonal issues? Look no further! The Faforon and Spidex 20 combo is the perfect solution crafted specifically for women seeking effective relief from fibroid concerns, infertility, hormonal imbalances, and premenopause issues.

Why choose Faforon Herbal Stem Cell and Spidex 20? This powerful duo addresses the root cause of your health challenges by focusing on your liver, the key organ responsible for hormonal balance and toxin regulation. Our carefully formulated blend works synergistically to support your body’s natural processes comprehensively.

Health Benefits Of Faforon and Spidex 20

  • Both work harmoniously to target and alleviate the discomfort associated with fibroids, promoting overall uterine health.
  •  This combo actively supports the liver in regulating hormones, restoring balance and harmony to your body.
  • The combo works to promote fertility.
  • Both aid in managing premenopausal symptoms, ensuring a smoother transition.
  • This combo promotes liver function, helping eliminate toxins contributing to hormonal imbalances.
  • Spidex 20’s hormone-balancing properties promote a healthy cervical fluid, increasing your chances of conception.
  • Faforon Herbal Stem Cell awakens your dormant adult stem cells, promoting cellular renewal and reversing age-related decline.
  • Spidex 20 normalizes menstrual disorders.

Dosage: How to use Faforon and Spidex 20

  • Spidex 20: 30 capsules per bottle
  • Faforon: One 20ml Faforon
  • Spidex 20 can be taken twice daily after a meal, in the morning and evening, while Faforon (20ml) or one (1) cap full twice daily, morning and night.
  • Use this duo for up to 3 months
  • Store in a cool, dry place
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • No known Side Effects
Key Ingredients

Faforon: Khaya Grandifoliola, Boscia Agustifolia, Sorghum Bicolor, Cocoa Specie, Solvent (Ethanol & Water, Dialium Guineense).
idex 20: Pomegranate, Gynomorium, Ginseng extract


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