A1 Capsules: Boost Immunity, Conquer Fatigue


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Tasly A1 Capsule is a clinically-backed herbal formula aimed at supercharging your immune system. It boasts several key benefits like boosting CD4 lymphocytes, conquering fatigue, providing HIV/AIDS support, and promoting overall wellness. This product uses premium Chinese medicine crafted to pharmaceutical standards.

Tasly A1 Capsule
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Tasly A1 Capsule – Empowering Your Immune System

Is your body’s shield feeling a little weak? Facing daily battles against stress, illness, and the relentless wear and tear of life? Tasly A1 Capsule is your secret weapon, a potent ally in the fight for optimal health and well-being.

Tasly A1 Capsule transcends the conventional notion of a mere supplement, presenting a groundbreaking approach to immune system support. Its unique blend uniquely enhances your body’s natural defenses. Unlike products centered around a single potent ingredient, Tasly A1 harnesses the power of synergistic natural elements, uniting to establish a strong defense network for your immune system.

A1 Capsule takes a holistic approach, recognizing that immune health is more than fighting off germs. It aims to harmonize your system by nourishing organs, reducing stress, and boosting energy levels for overall well-being.

Health Benefits Of A1 Capsule

  • Supercharge your defenses: A natural powerhouse of vital herbs like Cordyceps Sinensis and Radix Rehmanniae, Tasly A1 Capsule stimulates the production of CD4 lymphocytes, which are crucial to your immune system.  fighting off illness and everyday challenges with renewed vigor.
  • Conquer fatigue and embrace vitality: The energy drain that comes with a weakened immune system is a thing of the past. Tasly A1’s potent blend of revitalizing ingredients like Angelicae Sinensis and Glycyrrhizae replenishes your energy reserves, leaving you feeling vibrant and ready to tackle anything.
  • Shield against AIDS complications: Tasly A1 Capsule goes beyond general immune boosting. Specifically, it is formulated to support individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Its targeted action helps prevent and alleviate common complications, promoting a higher quality of life and greater well-being for them.
  • Quality you can trust: Made in China to pharmaceutical-grade standards, Tasly A1 adheres to the highest safety and efficacy guidelines. You can be confident you’re giving your body the best possible support.

Dosage: How To Use A1 Capsule

  • 400mg × 60capsules3
  • Take 3 capsules each time with boiled lukewarm water three times a day.
  • For best results, take capsules 2 hours after meals.
Key Ingredients

Radix Rehmanniae, Spica Prunellae Vulgaris, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Radix Bupleuri, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Radix Glycyrrhizae Uralensis, Cordyceps Sinensi

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Tasly is a renowned supplement company, rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and modern scientific advancements. Their meticulously crafted products blend ancient wisdom with innovation to promote overall health and wellness. With a strong commitment to quality and efficacy, Tasly empowers individuals to embrace a natural path to vitality.


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