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3rd Page: Supplements Prescription

Herbal Supplement: A Guide to Their Uses for Common Health Challenges

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Health ConditionDescriptionProduct to UseDosage and Administration
Cellulitisaccumulation of fat, protein, liquid in the abdomen, the waist, hips, forearms etcGI Vital Softgel, Islim gourmet, Kuding tea3-5 soft gel 2 x daily, Chew 1-2 daily, Once daily
Cold, Flu, CatarrhA viral infection that affects the upper respiratory tract. Symptoms include runny nose, sore throat, cough, and fever.Cordyceps coffee, Kuding tea, Propolis-lecithin, Zinc granules(children)once daily, once daily, 2 caps 2 x daily, 1 sachet 2 x daily
Constipationdifficulty in emptying bowelOligopeptide, Kuding tea1 sachet 2-3 times daily, Once daily
CirrhosisA chronic liver disease in which scar tissue replaces healthy liver tissue. This can damage the liver\’s ability to function properly.Herbal Capsule, GI Vital Softgel, Propolis lecithin1 capsule, 2 times daily; 3-5 soft gels, 2 times daily; 2 capsules, 2 times daily
Dementia (Memory disorder)A chronic or progressive decline in cognitive function beyond what might be expected from normal aging.Calcium iron zinc, GI Vital Softgel, Oligopeptide, Propolis-lecithin, Cordyceps coffee, Titanium energy bracelet, Head massager3-5 soft gel 2 x daily, 1 sachet 2-3 times daily, 1 cap 2 x daily, 2 cap 2 x daily, Once daily, Wear on wrist (not for bathing), Check pack for direction
CYSTITISInflammation of the bladder caused by bacteria infection such as ; E-coli more common in women)Female health pad, GI Vital Softgel, Propolis-lecithin, Immune + capsules, Anion sanitary pad, Anion panty liner stripWear in under pant 4-6 hour
DIABETES(excess sugar in the body)GI Vital Softgel, Hypoglycemic capsules, Propolis-lecithin, Oligopeptide, Kuding tea, Cordyceps coffee3-5 soft 2 x daily, 1 cap 2 x daily, 2 caps 2 x daily, 1 sachet 2-3 times daily, Once daily, Chew / swallow 1 cap 2 x daily
DYSLEXIA IN CHILDRENA learning disorder that makes it difficult to read, write, and understand words.Zinc granules, B-carotene1 sachet in water 2 x daily, 1 cap 2 x daily
DRY SKINA condition where the skin lacks moisture.GI Vital Softgel, B-carotene, Facial mask, MEBO cream3-5 soft gel 2 x daily, 1 cap 2 x daily, Wear on face, Rub on skin
ECZEMAA chronic skin condition that causes the skin to become red, itchy, and inflamed.MEBO cream, Facial mask, B-carotene, Immune + capsules, Herbal toothpasteRub on skin, Wear on face, 1 cap 2 x daily, 1 cap 2 x daily, Rub on affected area
EYE PROBLEM (Glaucoma & Cataract)A group of eye diseases that damage the optic nerve and can lead to vision loss.Detox pro pack (Dr assistance needed), Oligopeptide, Vision vital, B- carotene, GI Vital SoftgelCheck pack for direction, 1 sachet 2-3 times daily, 1 cap 2 x daily, 1 cap 2 x daily, 1-3 softgel 2 x daily
ELEPHANTIASISA disease caused by the presence of parasitic worms in the lymphatic system. It results in enlargement of parts of the body, especially the legs.Health pad, Ginseng cordyceps, Oligopeptide, Detox pro pack (Dr assistance needed), GI Vital Softgel, Calcium iron zincWear in underpant 4-6 hours, Chew\\swallow 1 cap 2 x daily, 1 sachet 2-3 times daily, Check pack for direction, 3 – 5 soft gel 2 x daily, 1 cap 2 x daily

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