Fibroid Tea: For Womb Cleansing And Fibroid Remedy


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Say goodbye to the discomfort and disruption caused by fibroids with Winstown Fibroid Tea.
  1. Reduce heavy and painful menstruation flow
  2. Dissolves and Prevent Uterine Fibroid
  3. Fallopian tube blockage

Quantity: 2.5g x 20 tea bags per box


1 Pack = 10 Days Treatment
2 Packs = 20 Days of Treatment
3 Packs = 1 Month Treatment
6 Packs = 2 Months of Treatment

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Fibroid Tea
Your Current Item: Fibroid Tea: For Womb Cleansing And Fibroid Remedy
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Wins Town Fibroid Tea

Say goodbye to the discomfort and disruption caused by fibroids with Winstown Fibroid Tea. Specially formulated with a blend of potent herbs and natural ingredients, this tea offers a gentle and effective way to address fibroid-related issues.

Wins Town Fibroid Tea works to shrink and dissolve fibroids, alleviating symptoms such as heavy menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain, and bloating. With regular use, you can experience relief from fibroid-induced discomfort, reclaiming your life and vitality.

Embrace a natural approach to wellness with Winstown Fibroid Tea, free from harmful chemicals and side effects. Regain control over your health and unlock the potential for a fibroid-free future. Embrace freedom with Winstown Fibroid Tea today!

Health Benefits of Wins Town Fibroid Tea

  1. Clear toxins and waste in the womb – Fibroid tea helps to clear toxins and waste in the womb. 
  2. Eliminates Uterine Fibroid Permanently – Fibroid tea helps to shrink out all fibroid types and sizes in a couple of weeks.
  3. Anti-inflammation of the Womb – Fibroid tea helps to prevent/cure anti-inflammation of the Womb.
  4. Anti and Prevent Uterine Fibroid – Fibroid tea helps to prevent/cure uterine Fibroid.
  5. Reduces Heavy Bleeding – It helps in reducing heavy bleeding between or during periods that include blood clots.
  6. Reduces Pain – It helps in reducing pain in the pelvis or lower back.
  7. Improves Menstrual Cycle – Returns menstruation that lasts longer than usual to normal.
  8. Reduces Pain During Intercourse – It helps in reducing pain during sexual intercourse.
  9. Normalizes Abdomen – It helps in normalizing the pressure of your lower abdomen.
  10. Cures Abdomen Enlargement – It helps in healing swelling or enlargement of the abdomen.
  11. Anti Aging, Prevent Gynecological Disease – It helps in anti-aging and as well prevent gynecological disease.


  • Natural herbs with no additives
  • Reliable and safe to use, with no toxicity or side effects
  • Free from caffeine

Key Ingredients

Mullein leaf, vitex berry, ginger root, Ashoka Bark, Dong quai root, Stevia Leaf, Goldenseal Leaf, Black Cohosh root, Cramp Bark root

How To Use

  • Brew one teabag in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, then drink. One teabag can be used repeatedly for 1-2 times until its diluted, twice per day.
  • Best taken after breakfast or before sleep at night.
  • You can also add lemon or honey according to personal taste.


  • 2.5g x 20 tea bags per box


  • Stored in a shady, sealed, dry place. 2 packs as one course of treatment. It is better to keep using 2-3 cycles.


  • At least 5 packs of the tea are to be taken before going for a rescan.
  • It’s not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.


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